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Leuzea carthamoides DC.: Application Prospects as Pharmpreparations and Biologically Active Components


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Leuzea carthamoides (Rhaponticum carthamoides) is a rare and threatened plant of unique properties. It contains biostimulators, phytoecdysteroids, and takes a prominent position among other adaptogens by its ability to prevent many diseases, efficiently cure a great number of pathologies. Pharmpreparations and food components from Leuzea are used as antidepressants and immunostimulators, concentrators of psychical energy, physical and sexual strength, anti-shock, -pain and wound-healing remedies. The preparations cause an anabolic effect in vertebrates by stimulating the protein biosynthesis in muscle tissues. The preparations of Leuzea do not have any age or seasonal restrictions. Their safety and the absence of side effects have stood a test of usage in East medicine. Moreover, they are excellently combinable with classical drugs. Till recent time, their inaccessibility for most people lied in absence of a cultivated source of raw materials. At present, there are technologies contributing to stable ecdysteroid biosynthesis in an artificial cenosis; problems with loosing highly-active fractions during crop selection and treatment are solved. New highly-active pharmpreparations have been developed (daily doses 0.5-10.0 mcg/kg biomass or 10-12…10-11 M, if 20-hydroxyecdysone).Timofeev N.P. Leuzea carthamoides DC.: Application Prospects as Pharmpreparations and Biologically Active Components / In Books: Functional Foods for Chronic Diseases (Ed. DM Martirosyan). – Richardson (Texas, USA), DA Incorporated, 2006. – P. 105-120. Заголовок автора: Leuzea carthamoides - pharmpreparations and biologically active components Ключевые слова: левзея; рапонтикум сафлоровидный; лекарственные растения; промышленные плантации; экдистероиды; экдистероиды20-гидроксиэкдизон; экдистерон; левзея препараты; ветеринарные препараты; биоинфузин Keywords: Leuzea carthamoides; Rhaponticum carthamoides; medicinal plants; agropopulations; ecdysteroids; 20-hydrohyecdysone; ecdysterone; leuzea preparations; veterinary drugs; bioinfusion;


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